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What You Need to Know About Free Online Wills.

Can you create a legally binding will online for free?

In short, yes you can create a legally binding will online for free. However this doesn’t mean it is a good idea, online will templates do not come with the same protection and reassurance as a professionally written will.

If you are looking for a free online will template, it is safe to say that you understand the importance of having a Wil in place. However, many of us do not realise just how crucial it is for our Wills to be done correctly. There are two main elements which MUST be carried out correctly to validate your Will.

1. Your Will must be signed properly. This proves that it is complete and legally binding.

2. Your Will must be signed and witnessed by two independent witnesses. These witnesses cannot be named as beneficiaries in your Will, or be living in the same property as you at the time of signing. These witnesses must be present at the time of signing, this ensures that your Will is legally binding.

Aside from these rules, most Wills follow general rules regarding the language used within the document. There is a standardised way of writing which removes any confusion on what the person making the will meant. Although it may seem like unusual wording to the everyday person, it solidifies your wishes and leaves no room for misunderstanding. Using the wrong wording could result in your wishes not being fulfilled, or even your Will being deemed as invalid.

By writing your own Will, you could also be leaving your loved ones susceptible to legal, financial and emotional issues. If mistakes are made and your Will is deemed as invalid, any assets you do leave could be eaten away by legal bills or unnecessary tax. Winding up an estate is a lengthy and arduous task, but by having a professional write, or even review your Will they can advise you on any errors you may have made.

Write Your Will For Free

If you have already written your Will, or perhaps you are looking to use an online wills template – we can assist you. We write Wills for free for those who are over 50 years of age. All we ask is that you consider leaving a donation to a charity of your choice in your Will. We can also take a look at the Will you have written yourself and ensure it is a legally valid Will.

By enlisting professionals you get the peace of mind that you need, feeling confident that your loved ones will be able to carry out your wishes.


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