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Thomas Bradley & Co partners with Aberlour Children's Charity.

Thomas Bradley & Co Partners with Aberlour Children’s Charity

Thomas Bradley & Co are delighted to be partnered with Aberlour Children’s Charity. We see this as an opportunity to increase our support of Aberlour by providing a range of valuable services to their supporters, and at the same time raise much needed funds for disadvantaged children in Scotland. This partnership will also allow us to engage with the supporters of the charity to let them know that Thomas Bradley’s purpose is Making families feel secure.

Aberlour Children’s Charity helps disadvantaged children and families in Scotland have a brighter future. Giving children an equal chance, and the best possible start in life is at the heart of everything they do.

Thomas Bradley & Co is one of the leading Estate Planning legal firms in Scotland. We specialise in Asset Protection, Estate Planning and Inheritance Tax Planning, helping clients in later life to protect their assets and pass them on efficiently to their family.

There is a choice of different services and levels allowing supporters to select the option that is right for them and their family. You can choose a Free or a fixed price service giving certainty and price clarity with a quick turn around and a process that is as easy as possible. And Will storage is very competitive to ensure your Wills are safe and secure. Thomas Bradley & Co hopes this ensures peace of mind.

One of our most popular services is a Will for Charity. All we ask to whomever uses this service is that they consider a Gift in their Will to Aberlour. If they are over 50 they can benefit from our Free Will Service!

Scott Ewart, Managing Director at Thomas Bradley & Co said: “Everyone benefits. You get the Will or Will review you need whilst Aberlour gets much needed funds. And if you like the Thomas Bradley service, you might use us for other work now or in the future.”

Dario Lozza, Head of Public Fundraising at Aberlour said: “We are delighted to be working with Thomas Bradley. This will be a valuable service for our supporters, as well as an important opportunity to raise vital funds to reach even more children and families who need our help. We are grateful to everyone at Thomas Bradley Legal Services for making their Estate Planning service available to all.”

This is a great chance to get your Will written or updated. Call us on 0330 390 9200 or email to arrange a chat with one of our consultants.


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