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The Truth About DIY Wills and Power of Attorneys.

It’s no secret that if you want to learn how to do something, you Google it and you’re faced with pages upon pages telling you exactly how to do it, and it is no different for Wills and Power of Attorneys. However, we are here to explain why you should trust and enlist the services from a company such as Thomas Bradley & Co. to help you create your Will and Power of Attorney.

Are DIY Wills and Power of Attorney cheaper than using a company?

The most common reason for using a DIY Will or Power of Attorney kit we hear from clients is, that on the face of it, it can appear to be cheaper to purchase a DIY kit than it is to enlist the help of a legal professional. We’re here to tell you that, while it might appear to be cheaper, when you get into the depths of it, many companies who offer these ‘DIY kits’ force their clients to have their company act as an Executor to their estate for which they will claim a fee to do so – which can often cost more than if you hired a company such as Thomas Bradley to create your Will. DIY Power of Attorney kits can also appear to be cheaper as they often come without all the information you need to complete the documents – this is used by companies who issue DIY kits to prompt you into contacting and ultimately using their services when you need more information for complex areas.

While it may seem logical to go for the cheaper option, you will miss out on our start to finish personalised process, which has been perfected through our years of experience. Despite the potential cost difference, we are certain that trusting us to create your documents will be money well spent. Contact us today to find out more about our services and how we can help you have peace of mind knowing the documents you have trusted us to create are valid and as per your wishes.

Are DIY Wills & Power of Attorneys faster than hiring a professional?

One of the potential advantages for DIY kits is that they can be arguably faster than enlisting a company to go through the process with a company. However, what you are not going to get with a DIY Will or Power of Attorney is the peace of mind that it has been done correctly. The reason why DIY Wills and Power of Attorney can be faster than a professional service, because it is common for them to not include complex provisions such as gifting and unexpected deaths. When it comes to DIY Power of Attorney, what these kits won’t tell you is that if you submit a Power of Attorney to be registered and there are errors, it could cost you more than you think to amend and resubmit the document. Here at Thomas Bradley & Co., we will ensure that upon the completion of our services, you will have a legal and valid Will or Power of Attorney which will cover the necessary bases and strive to guarantee that your wishes have been met.

Why should you use a professional to create your Will & Power of Attorney?

When enlisting our estate planning and Power of Attorney services, you are guaranteed a personalised experience that you will not get with a DIY kit. With us, you will be able to get in touch and book an appointment with one of our trusted advisors who will talk you through the process to ensure that you understand exactly what it is you will be signing in the end. They will take all the necessary details and pass them along to our highly trained team of Paralegal Case Managers who will in turn generate your documents to your specifications.

With DIY Wills and Power of Attorney kits, there can be vital information missing, they can often come with either no signing instructions, or with ones which are not compliant with your jurisdiction – failing to sign your documents correctly can lead to them being voidable and contestable in a court of law, which can mean that your estate will not be divided as per your wishes, or that those people which you trust with making health and financial decision on your behalf is no longer permitted to.

Grant you and your loved ones peace of mind today and get in touch with one of our valued team members to secure an appointment and ensure that your documents are given the time and consideration they require.


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