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How to Store a Will Safely & Securely.

When we hand you your completed Will, we encourage you to view these documents as leaving a legacy for your loved ones. You have invested time to put together your Will, which is not only a way to ensure your assets are passed along, but that your wishes are fulfilled.

However, your passing will inevitably bring up a multitude of emotions for your loved ones as they cope with this loss in their lives, therefore it is essential that your Will is stored and kept safely. The original Will, not a photocopy or a scan, is the only legally binding Will and must be kept safely and securely.

The only version of a Will that can be accepted by the Probate Registry following your passing, is an original, hand-signed and dated paper copy that was correctly witnessed by two people.

Potential Issues when Storing your Will.

The main place you shouldn’t keep your original Will is at home, by having your Will at home you leave that opportunity for your wishes being fulfilled at risk. If your Will is damaged in any way, the courts could declare the Will invalid.

If your original Will is kept at home, you leave it susceptible to the following issues:

Ø Fire

Ø Flood

Ø Theft

Ø Loss

Ø Damage

So, don’t leave your final wishes to chance, and ensure that your Will is protected and easily accessible when it matters most. By storing your Will within a secure facility, you ensure that your wishes are protected from fire, flood, theft, loss, and damage.

Knowing that your Will is stored in a secure and accessible facility gives you peace of mind and the assurance that your final wishes will be carried out.

At Thomas Bradley & Co, we offer our Will Storage Service which includes:

Ø Unlimited changes to your Will at no extra cost.

Ø Copies sent to you at no extra cost.

Ø Executor packs sent to executors.

Ø An online copy of documents for immediate review.

Ø Preferential prices on executry services.

If you require further information, or would like to store your Will with Thomas Bradley & Co, please


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